Below is a list of classes offered at JM4 Dimensions.  Not all classes are available in all locations.  Be sure to check the calendar of your location for availability.  

License to Carry (LTC) Class (formally Concealed Handgun License or CHL)

This is the required course needed to apply for your Texas License to Carry through the state.  It is mandated by the state however our Elite Team of Instructors keep the class fun and engaging.

Beginner's Firearms Training

This course is designed for the beginner shooter who would like to learn how to safely and properly load, handle, and fire a handgun.  This is the ideal class for anyone new to shooting.  This class is highly recommended for new shooters interested in obtaining their License to Carry.

Home Defense & Concealed Carry

This is a training course that will help increase your situational awareness and better equip you to protect your family and home.

Kid's Firearm Safety Class

This course is designed for youth, grades 2nd - 12th, and educates them on using extreme caution and safety around firearms.  Education is the key to satisfying curiosity of young minds.

Emergency First Aid & Gunshot Wound

In life threatening medical and trauma situations you could be the only thing sustaining the life of an individual until professional help arrives.  This training course teaches skills to better assist should you ever be faced with that situation.

D.R.A.W. Academy

This is our Advanced Firearms Training Class.  Approximately 21 hours of training split up between online, and 2 Saturdays.  This class will improve your overall speed and accuracy with your firearm.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals will guide you through the steps you'll need to take to go from just sending rounds downrange to actually training in specific, tested methods of armed self-defense. From stance to grip to physical shooting technique, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 will help you hone the edge on your inner warrior expert. You'll get your body working with your gun instead of against it, you'll learn which intuitive skills work best with what your body will naturally do while under stress in a combat situation, and you'll learn to apply this information simply and effectively - regardless of your skill level.

Simulation Sessions and Appointment Services

30 Minute Simulation Session

30 Minutes of Sim Time for One | Additional Shooters $10 each | Use of up to 2 Laser Blue Guns

1 Hour Simulation Session

60 Minutes of Sim Time for One | Additional Shooters $15 each | Use of up to 2 Laser Blue Guns

Private 1-on-1 Firearms Training

Private 1-on-1 Training with one of our Elite Firearms Instructors

LTC Application Submission Service

Full Service License to Carry state application submission and fingerprint scheduling

VIP Membership 

Unlimited Simulation Sessions per Month | Includes Member & 1 Guest per Session | Maximum of one 30 minute Session per Day | Use of 2 Laser Blue Guns

Family Memebership

Unlimited Simulation Sessions per Month | Includes Member & up to 4 Guest per Session | Maximum of one 30 minute Session per Day | Use of 2 Laser Blue Guns

Party and Event Room Rental

Team/Skill Building | Corporate Events | Host up to 20 people | Minimum 2 hour rental