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This is the required course needed to apply for your Texas License to Carry through the state.  It is mandated by the state however our Elite Team of Instructors keep the class fun and engaging.  This class typically is from 8am - 4pm on the scheduled days.



This course is designed for the beginner shooter who would like to learn how to safely and properly load, handle, and fire a handgun.  This is the ideal class for anyone new to shooting.  This class is highly recommended for new shooters interested in obtaining their License to Carry.



This class will teach you how to survive a violent fist attack. Participants will be able to demonstrate the shield against this attack, neutralize the attacker, to escape or obtain their body worn firearm.



This class is not for men or children and ladies must be 13 years or older to attend.  This class is reality based and will educate you to the reality of an assult and its consequences. Participants will learn to recognize a threat, neutralize the attacker and escape.  This is not a firearms training class but yet a class that will teach you how to defend and protect yourself should you not have a firearm.

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