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Beginner's Firearms

We look forward to our upcoming Beginners Firearms Class.

Class will start promptly at 8:00 am on the date of your class. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class for check-in. Our facility is located at 3250 S. Treadaway Blvd, Abilene.

You will need to bring your firearm with you to the class. We request that you enter the building with the magazine out and unloaded and slide in locked back position. Please leave all ammo secured in your vehicle.

For the range portion of this class you will need 50 rounds of Brass Casing FMJ Ammo. If you will be participating in the License to Carry Qualification following the class you will need a total of 100 rounds of ammo.  Steel casing ammo is not allowed on the range.

This course is designed for the beginner shooter who would like to learn how to safely and properly load, handle and fire your firearm. This course is a combination of classroom discussion, hands on learning, simulation shooting and live fire at an indoor gun range.

Topics covered:

  • Safely handle a firearm

  • Basic shooting fundamentals

  • Universal safety rules

  • Understanding a guns action

  • Understanding magazines, loading and clearing

  • Ammunition components, caliber, storage

  • Gear and gadgets

You will learn:

  • Safely clearing your weapon

  • Loading

  • Proper grip

  • Stance

  • Shooting target

  • Trigger control

  • Engaging your target

Range Shooting Portion - We use Double Diamond Gun Range located in Anson. This is a nice indoor facility with air conditioning so that we do not have to worry about the weather. The address to the facility is 2065 US Highway 277 South, Anson, TX 79501.

For the range you will need your handgun, 50 rounds of Full Metal Jacket Brass Casing Ammo, ear protection, and eye protection, prescription glasses are ok. If you have attended one of our LTC classes and plan to do your qualification you will need 100 rounds of ammo.  If you are qualifying, attachments such as optics and lasers must be removed from the firearm or turned off as they are not allowed during the qualification process.  Please see below for specifics on firearms and ammo recommendations.

We recommend that you either wear a ball cap or have hair tied back, wear closed toe shoes, and that you do not wear any loose fitting shirts. For the ladies, we do not recommend getting your nails done prior to qualification as this makes loading and shooting difficult.

Using the quality ammo listed below will help keep the shooting portion moving quickly and minimize jams and malfunctions. However, due to the ammo shortage, we are not limiting the types of ammo you can use.

Recommended locations to purchase ammo

WNC Guns, 4618 S. 14th St., Abilene (325)232-8202

Double Diamond Gun Range - address above - (325)823-4867

Recommended Ammo:
4w Ammunition; Atlanta Arms; Black Hills; INC.C.C.I/SPEER; Federal Cartridge./American eagle; FIOCCHI of America, INC; Hornady MFG.Co.;OLIN/Winchester; PMC; Remington Arms CO./ UMC; Blaze ammo

NOT Allowed on Range:
Monarch ammo
Steel casing ammo
Aluminum casing ammo
Reloaded ammo.
Push off revolvers (A push off revolver is a revolver that you can pull the hammer back and push the hammer forward to fire the gun without pulling the trigger.)

All firearms must be clean and in good working condition.
All firearms and ammo will be checked before shooting at the range.
If your firearm or Ammo does not meet requirements you will not be able to shoot that day.

Cancellations and resheduling require a 24 hour notice, no exceptions.  You may cancel or reschedule your appointment or class without charge with a 24 hour notice prior to your scheduled appointment or class.  No shows or cancellations after the start of class will result in forfeiture of refund and will not be able to reschedule for another time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or (325)788-1520.

We look forward to seeing you!

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