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LTC Class

Thank you for registering for our Abilene LTC Class. We look forward to helping you in obtaining your License to Carry.

Our training facility is located at 3250 S. Treadaway in Abilene. If our parking lot is full please feel free to park in the mobility parking lot next door (when looking at our building from the street it is the building to the left).

As a reminder class will start promptly 8:00am on the day of your scheduled class. Check-in will be from 7:15 - 7:45 and you will need your Driver's License at time of check-in. If you are taking this class with friends or family, we encourage you to arrive early to ensure you can sit together as we do not reserve seating.

If you get cold easily we would recommend bringing a light jacket or blanket as the classroom is kept a bit on the cooler side.  You are welcome to bring snacks and/or drinks into the classroom when you arrive.

Important - No loaded firearms or ammo will be allowed in the classroom. Please secure your firearms in your vehicles. We keep eyes on the parking lots during the duration of class.

Lunch – We request that you bring a light lunch as well as some snacks and drinks for during class.

Range Qualification - We use Double Diamond Gun Range located in Anson. This is a nice indoor facility with air conditioning so that we do not have to worry about the weather. The address to the facility is 2065 US Highway 277 South, Anson, TX 79501. 

Qualifications will be done in 3 groups of 10. Group assignments will be given based on time of check-in. First 10 will be assigned to Group 1, Second 10 will be assigned to Group 2, Last 10 will be assigned to Group 3.

For the range you will need your handgun, 50 rounds of ammo, ear protection, and eye protection, prescription glasses are ok. Attachments such as optics and lasers must be removed or turned off as they are not allowed to be used during the qualification process.    Please see below for specifics on firearms and ammo recommendations.

We recommend that you either wear a ball cap or have hair tied back.  You must wear closed toe shoes, and please make sure to not wear any loose fitting shirts. For the ladies, we do not recommend getting your nails done prior to qualification as this makes loading and shooting difficult.

If you do not own a firearm and will need to rent one please let us know upon check-in. These are available on a first come/first serve basis.

Qualification times will vary but it is expected to be completed by 4 pm.

We recommend using quality to keep the qualification moving quickly and minimize jams and malfunctions. Only FMJ/Brass Casing is allowed on the range.

Recommended locations to purchase ammo

WNC Guns, 4618 S. 14th ST., Abilene (325)232-8202

Double Diamond Gun Range - 2065 US Highway 277 South, Anson - (325)823-4867

B&B Guns & Ammo - 242 Butternut St, Abilene (325)673-3831

NOT Recommended for Qualification:
Monarch ammo
Steel casing ammo
Aluminum casing ammo
Reloaded ammo.
Push off revolvers (A push off revolver is a revolver that you can pull the hammer back and push the hammer forward to fire the gun without pulling the trigger.)

All firearms must be clean and in good working condition.

All firearms and ammo will be checked before qualifying at the range.

If your firearm or Ammo does not meet requirements you will not be able to qualify that day.

Other things you should know

  • Upon completion of class and qualification you will submit your application for your license to the State of Texas. Standard State Application Fee is $40.

  • Once you have submitted your application you will schedule your FBI fingerprinting. This fee is $10.

Cancellations and rescheduling require a 24 hour notice, no exceptions.  You may cancel or reschedule your appointment or class without charge with a 24+ hour notice prior to your scheduled appointment or class.  No shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice prior to the start of class will result in forfeiture of refund and will not be able to reschedule for another time.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or (325)788-1520.

We look forward to seeing you!


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