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I want to thank you for an excellent training facility, and very professional instructors. I had not fired a pistol since 1975 when I left the Navy. The LTC class was what I needed to be a better informed citizen on all the current laws and regulations for carrying a firearm in the State of Texas. The beginner class was the best class by far, Amy and Alex were hands-on instructors I got to know my firearm, work with my firearm, and shoot with my firearm. Safety, safety, and safety was stressed constantly throughout the whole day when handling a firearm. For me it was money well spent the classes are all taught by excellent professionals, at a very reasonable price. I walked out of both classes feeling I had gotten my money’s worth and then some. I would recommend JM4 Dimensions hands down over all the competition.

Larry A.

I took the Basic Firearms course and highly recommend it for anybody new to handling firearms. I was very nervous, but the instructors have an amazing way of putting you at ease, while also being very thorough and clear on how to handle the gun safely.  Thank you Amy and Dom for making this such a great experience!

Charcy H.

I took the beginner's firearms class today and it was excellent. Amy and Alex were amazing instructors. They were knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely patient. I was super nervous but there was zero judgement. They made us comfortable and confident. I enjoyed this class. I can't wait for the LTC class.

Angela H.

The folks at JM4 Dimensions were awesome!! They helped me with the perfect holster and walked me through their Sim facility... The active shooter simulator is by far a must for anyone who carries firearm on a daily basis!

Nathan S.

Chad and Shawndalyn have created a safe, fun, and educational environment. Our party consisted of all ages from 3 to 50 and JM4 entertained everyone.
This business is more informative and beneficial to the community than most realize.

Anna S.

It was my first time attending and shooting and our instructors Amy and Alex did a great job educating us and making it a comfortable safe space to learn, provided one on one when needed and eased any anxiety I had

Kya C.

Took the LTC class today and learned a lot of great new information. Class was very well received and the shooting was a breeze! Soon I’ll be looking into taking some more advanced classes in the future!

Justin H.

We took the LTC course & test today. The staff and trainers were AWESOME!! Chad, Dom & Alex were GREAT! Very informative, took time with our questions, and made the day productive and fun!!!

Kymberlie G.

My daughter & I took the Women’s Self Defense class. It was very helpful & informative. It was not like any other class I’ve taken- it was approached in a completely different way that made us confident we are capable of taking care of ourselves. Thank you!

Christie R.

took the ladies defense class here. friendly staff and the instructor was very informative and taught me alot. I now have more confidence to defend myself. thanks again for making this class available with the right instructor very qualified.

Meghann D.

I took the LTC class and finished it today. The instructors both were awesome. They kept the class involved and also added some fun to the class to make it go by faster.  If you want a great training center, this is the one to go too.

Russell Z.

If you are looking to schedule a LTC class in the future you’ll have to look long and hard to find a facility more professional than JM4!!
Had a great experience with this team.

Danny B.

Those guys are very good. Very informative class with well experienced instructors. Highly recommend these guys if you are looking to get your LTC or some other training.

Felipe C.

I took a basic handgun training here instructed by Amy and learnt so much! Amy was fun and welcoming and made everyone feel comfortable. I would 100% recommend her class to anyone! I also took a LTC class with Chad and he was very informative and friendly. Very welcoming group of people!

Eloise M.

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